Our Company Background

Ebony Wood Designs was established in Kenya in 2006 by Grace and Grant Fay.

Having moved from the UK where they ran a workshop producing high quality joinery and bespoke kitchens for the previous 10 years, they started to do likewise here and found there was a demand for high quality carpentry to meet the requirements of a rapidly developing market in the construction of domestic houses for discerning clients.

The business grew steadily as a reputation for attention to detail and quality of finish was created and a variety of artisans – some with years of previous experience and others trained from the start by the company – were added to the team to meet our needs.

After 10 years in 2015 we built a new facility and currently operate from there in Kerarapon ( border of Ngong and Karen ) where we are well placed to serve and carry out work for our clients.


Wood is a naturally beautiful material with qualities of strength and durability which if used with care and skill in production can give many years of service and pleasure to customers. A well made piece of furniture will outlive us for certain if looked after and cherished. So we have a duty in this regard and it is of paramount importance to deliver quality in the work we do.

At Ebony Wood we believe strongly that quality products can and should be made here in Kenya.

We encourage our clients to first look at and consider the option of having their items made here, before rushing to import from outside Kenya.

By doing so we are all investing in our future and benefitting from growing our own economy.


Firstly, the design stage is crucial to the ultimate satisfactory outcome of any project.

Whether following a tried and tested traditional design in which attention to detail to capture the original essence of the piece, or whether producing a completely new contemporary design , we work closely with clients to ensure their expectations are fulfilled.

When designing a piece of furniture or kitchen the end product must both look good and be practical.

Our emphasis on design is indeed reflected in the company name.


Starting with the selection of materials, drying of timber etc. – we then move to a combination of modern machining and hand-crafted processes to produce quality results which we can be proud of putting our name to and all of our staff value and work towards this end.

Correct joining methods; precise cutting, gluing and clamping are all critical processes at this stage.


We take the greatest care in sanding and finishing our products to give beautiful results, and have specifically trained finishers who specialize in this aspect of the work .  Their skills are built up through years of experience.

We have recently gone over to using more environmentally friendly Acrylic based finishes, where suitable and are getting very good results.


We collaborate with a range of professionals from Architects and Engineers to Designers, Project Managers and Contractors – especially with our roofing and joinery work.

Close cooperation and sharing of ideas; particularly with some complex projects which “evolve” as they proceed reflect years of experience and our joint intentions to satisfy clients’ needs.